Board of St. Andrew Society of Sarasota Inc. 2018
(Effective, 8 February 2018)

President ( Captain Carl Morris
Vice President    Susan Eltonhead
Recording Secretary ( Marilyn Blausten
Treasurer ( Michael Wolfe
Past President    Dr. Michael Wolfe
Trustees: Ron Lee, David Shaddock, Sharon Ray, Liz Thompson, Michael Wilcox

Leaders 2018
Chaplain ( Dick Thompson
Historian    Jean Catsakis
Photographers    Nick Catsakis and others
Pipers    Rob Gordon and others
Publicity (email blasts)    Carl Morris
Saltire Editor   David Shaddock
Sergeant-at-Arms    Joel Davies
Sunshine and Compassion    Michael Wilcox
Web Administrator ( Bert Mitchell

SASS Major Events Leaders
Burns Supper Co-Chairs (2018)
Carl and Mary Lou Morris

Scholarship Presentation Luncheon - March 17, 2018
Scholarship Co-Chairs
Linda Prowten and Bert Mitchell

SASS Liaison Leaders
Celtic clubs, 
Captain Carl Morris

Burns Poetry Club
Dr. David MacMillan

Heritage Society - Highland Games
Dr. Bert Mitchell and others

Kirkin' o' the Tartans and Tartan Day events
Captain Carl Morris

Memorial Day - Arcadia
Dr. Bert Mitchell

l to r. Joel Davis Sargent-at-Arms, Marilyn Blausten Secretary, Ron Lee Trustee, Susan Eltonhead Vice President, Michael Wilcox Trustee,  Liz Thompson Trustee, Carl Morris President, and Sharon Ray Trustee. Absent for photo: David Shaddock Trustee and Saltire Editor, Dr. Michael Wolfe Treasurer.  Photo credit - Bert Mitchell

St. Andrew Society of Sarasota Articles of Incorporation

2018 SASS Florida Annual Filing

2018 SASS FL Scholarship Filing

St. Andrew Society of Sarasota ByLaws - Approved February 2017