Board of St. Andrew Society of Sarasota Inc. 2017
(Elected, 9 February 2017)

President   Dr. Michael Wolfe
Vice President    Captain Carl Morris
Recording Secretary   Marilyn Blausten
Treasurer    Anne Wolfe
Past President    Dr. Bert Mitchell
Trustees: Ron Lee, Sharon Ray, Liz Thompson

Leaders 2017

Chaplain    Dick Thompson
Historian    Jean Catsakis
Photographers    Nick Catsakis and others
Pipers    Rob Gordon and others
Publicity (email blasts)    Dick Thompson
Saltire Editor    Michael Wolfe
Sergeant-at-Arms    Joel Davies
Sunshine and Compassion    Michael Wilcox
Web Administrator    Bert Mitchell, Michael Wolfe

SASS Major Events Leaders

Burns Supper Co-Chairs (2018)
Carl and Mary Lou Morris

Scholarship Presentation Luncheon - March 26, 2017
Scholarship Co-Chairs
Linda Prowten and Bert Mitchell

SASS Liaison Leaders

Caledonia Club
Dr. Bert Mitchell

Burns Poetry Club
Dr. David MacMillan

Heritage Society - Highland Games
Dr. Bert Mitchell and others

Kirkin' o' the Tartans
Michael Wolfe

Tartan Day Observances
Michael Wolfe

Memorial Day - Arcadia
Dr. Bert Mitchell
Bert Mitchell, Past President, Liz Thompson, Trustee, Dr. Michael Wolfe, President, Anne Wolfe, Treasurer, Captain Carl Morris, Vice President, Marilyn Blausten, Secretary, and Ron Lee, Trustee.  Sharon Ray, Trustee, absent.

St. Andrew Society of Sarasota Articles of Incorporation

2017 SASS Florida Incorporation Filing

2017 SASS FL Scholarship Filing

St. Andrew Society of Sarasota ByLaws - Approved February 2017