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Did you know that?

Our Fund gives scholarships to qualified high school seniors of either Scottish descent or participants in Scottish activities.    

In the past 31 years:
    We have awarded $137,000 to 126 students.
    The ratio of female to male winners is 2:1.
    Twenty-seven (27) winners have graduated from Venice, 21 from Pine View, 21 from Riverview, 12 from Lemon Bay, 10 from Sarasota, and 25 from 18 other high schools.

This year:
    All winners pursue an undergraduate degree and many earn an advanced degree.

Individual donors provide scholarship money.  Regrettably, there is no endowment and there is never enough money to help every qualified applicant.

You need not be a member to help and there are many ways you can donate.

Cash Donation - Most folks donate this way, regularly. Write a check, payable to St. Andrew Society Scholarship Fund, Inc., (Fund), and mail it to St Andrew Society, P. O. Box 2592, Sarasota, Florida 34230. The Fund is a qualified 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization entitling you to an IRS tax deduction for your contribution.  We give receipts for gifts of $100 or more.
We also accept bequest (wills) gifts.  For these, you should consult your financial adviser or lawyer.  There are several ways to make a donation even after you are gone.

A Gift of Personal Property – You could do this now or specify it in your will.  If interested please ask how we can help.

A Donation of Real Estate – We will sell it for you! Consider the many scholarships we could give with a gift of this magnitude!

A Portion of Your Estate – You could designate a fixed dollar amount or a percentage.

Name the Fund as a secondary or contingent beneficiary - The Fund would receive the bequest only if the primary beneficiary were deceased.

A Gift of Life Insurance - Name the Fund as a beneficiary. Some folks buy a new policy and name a charity as the beneficiary.

Dr. Bert Mitchell, a Co-Chair of the Fund, will be glad to talk to you confidentially about donating.  You may call him at 941-320-1997 or reach him by email at

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